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Image maker tool - img-mk

1. Introduction

We, ARS Technologies are providing a free image maker tool.

Why do we need yet another image maker - you might ask?

Here are the benefits -
- supported on multiple platforms - Windows 32 and 64bit, Linux 32 and 64bit
- allows both - reading an image then storing to device, and reading a device then storing to image
- support a variety of storage devices - SD card, USB disks, normal hard drives, USB readers with SD/CF/PCMCIA storage devices ...

sd cards            storage devices

How does it compare with existing tools?

*** under Windows, with 'Win32DiskImager'
- you do not need to format the storage device to FAT fs before using by Win32DiskImager; works with devices which have any partitions/formats;

*** under Linux, with 'linaro image tools'
- the link to download our tools is actually valid, you do not need to search our site to find 'img-mk'
- you do not need to install tons of packages before using the imager, not a single one; the executable files work as is on any 32bit and 64bit x86 Linux release;
- the 'img-mk' shows the progress of image read/write - not getting stuck in an infinite loop, it is either going to show an error or complete successfully;
- you do not need to remove the partitions of the storage device before using; 'img-mk' works with devices which have any partitions/formats; - when you contact us with questions we are actually going to replay to you; any good suggestions will not go into oblivion, but be implemented in new releases;

2. How does it work?

'img-mk' is distributed as single .zip file available for download.
After unpacking there are folders for windows and linux related files.

The linux folder includes - setup.bat script to set the use of the utility under 32 or 64bits:
$ chmod +x setup.bat
$ ./setup.bat

'img-mk' is a command line / terminal utility, started as -
> img-mk.exe - Windows
$ sudo ./img-mk - Linux

Here is screen capture -
ARS Technologies (c) 2000 - 2020+ / image utility
list of available storage devices

Physical Drive 0, size = 476939 mb (or more)
skip first storage device

Physical Drive 1, size = 3890 mb (or more)
select for image read/write - y/n : y
read device to image - 1, or write image to device - 2 : 1
image file name : img1

do read/write (32mb per '.') ......


The utility lists one after another storage devices. The first step is selecting a device.

Under Windows they come as - Physical Drive 0, Physical Drive 1 ... Under Linux they come as - /dev/sda, /dev/sdb ..., and /dev/mmcblk0, /dev/mmcblk1 ...

The second step is to specify a command - read a device then write into an image, or read an image then write to a device.

The third step is to set the image file name.

Then the read/write operations start and the progress is shown by one dot '.' per 32mb read/writen.

2. Download location

Image Maker
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