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USB 2.0 to PCMCIA card The ARS Technologies power supply module is designed for the
  • XPRS-PCI, XPRS-PCI-X3 Dimensions: 0.5 X 0.25 X 0.3 inches.

    The power supply module provides additional voltages as follows:
  • -5V/100mA
  • +12V/45mA
  • -12V/45mA for the ISA card(s).

    The power supply module is powered through USB cable, so there is no need of external cables or an external power supply when using the isa-pwr.

    To find the voltages of the peripheral card and do you need the Power Supply Module, please read these articles:
    - for ISA cards .
    - for PCI cards . INSTALLING THE POWER SUPPLY MODULE (ISA-PWR) [Click on images to enlarge]

    How To Install The POWER SUPPLY MODULE

    The POWER SUPPLY MODULE (ISA-PWR) can be installed on the

  • Step 1 Place the POWER SUPPLY MODULE on a flat surface so that the five silver pins of the POWER SUPPLY MODULE are closest to the surface.

  • Step 2 Pick up the isa-pwr and insert the five silver pins into the 6-pin connector that is next to the ISA slot on the USA2ISA, USB2ISA-X3, card.

    NOTE 1: On of the connectors in the 6-pin connector will remain empty because the isa-pwr only has five pins.

    Look at the images below for a visual demonstration of installing the isa-pwr (POWER SUPPLY MODULE)

    Theses instructions are the same for installing the isa-pwr on the USB2ISA, USB2ISA-X3.

    NOTE 2: When applying the isa-pwr, please make sure to change your jumper settings as explained in the Userís Guide.

    The USB2ISA-RA are shown below. The POWER SUPPLY MODULE is placed as it would be before the isa-pwr is attached to the USB2ISA .

    The USB2ISA before the ISA-PWR is attached.

    Sample isa-pwr installation

    The isa-pwr is aligned with the 6-pin connector on the USB2ISA .

    Installing the ISA-PWR on the USB2ISA

    install isa-pwr step 1 usb2isa

    Step 1: Position the isa-pwr so that it is aligned with the 6-pin header on the USB2ISA. The 6-pin header is next to the ISA slot on the USB2ISA.
    install isa-pwr step 2 usb2isa

    Step 2: Place the isa-pwr into the 6-pin connector and gently press down.
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