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Installing and use of XPRS-HOST-EC

1. Introduction

The XPRS-HOST-EC is mounted in a notebook computer system with an ExpressCard slot.

xprs-host-ec product kit [Click to enlarge]

The kit of XPRS-HOST-EC product includes 2 cables with length of 1.6ft / 0.5m.

2. Assembly of XPRS-HOST-EC

Connect cables on XPRS-HOST-EC, and insert card in the slot of the notebook system.

connecting cables to xprs-host-ec [Click to enlarge]

Plug XPRS-HOST-EC card, and latch in ExpressCard slot.

mounting xprs-host-ec [Click to enlarge]

3. Additional ways of use

3.1. Extending length

The XPRS-HOST-EC kit includes 2 cables with length of 1.6ft / 0.5m.

1.5ft / 0.5m cables and 3ft / 1m cables [Click to enlarge]

We offer 3ft / 1m cables set - to extend the length.

Please note that the cables carry 3.3V which can power the mounted on the other side of the cable peripheral card.
Using longer cable may reduce the total current available for the mounted peripheral card.

4. Next step

The next step is installing of XPRS-.. card together with a peripheral card:
- xprs-px-x1 with a PCI Express X1 card
- xprs-px-x16 with a PCI Express X16 card
- xprs-pci-x1 with a PCI card
- xprs-cb with a PCMCIA CardBus card
- xprs-ec with an ExpressCard card

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