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img-wME - OS image for dosbox-x / Windows ME

 windows ME

The operating systems was a product of Microsoft.

It is no longer sold or maintained by Microsoft.

These images are booted and used under dosbox-x environment.

Before installing and using of these older operating system images you - the User, are confirming that you did previously own a legal copy of an older operating system by Microsoft.

The current use may be considered as a replacement.

Image details:
- Windows ME - size 1GB

- 16bit DOS applications and drivers
- 16bit Windows 3.1, 3.11 applications and drivers
- 32bit applications with direct access to i/o ports
- 32bit applications with .vxd type of drivers
- 32bit applications with .sys type of drivers, with .inf install

Possible support for:
- 32bit Windows NT applications and drivers
- 32bit Windows 2000 and XP applications with .sys type of drivers, based on Windows driver model / WDM, with .inf install

After ordering a download link witll be provided. The downloaded .zip file contains - wmea.img (OS image), winme.conf (dosbox config file), readme.txt

The .zip file is password protected. Please contact us by email to -
info @ arstech . com to get the password to unzip.



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