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sdkbus-up - Upgrade of sdkbus

sdkbus-up - Upgrade of sdkbus

 SDKBUS You must have an authentic version of ARS Technologiesí sdkbus to place an order and to install the sdkbus-up.
If you are ordering an SDKBUS now, you do not need to order an sdkbus-up because you will receive the latest version when ordering the sdkbus.

Operating systems
  • Windows - 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8.1
  • Linux - 3.x.xx kernels
  • Mac OS X 10.5, and later

    Interface: supports our USB2, SSI2 and XPRS based products (USB2ISA / USB2PCMCIA, SSI2 ISA / SSI2 PCI / SSI2 PCMCIA, and XPRS PCI / XPRS PX / XPRS cPCIe)

    Languages: C/C++, Visual Basic

    Level: application (user) level, driver (kernel) level

    Buses: ISA, PCI, PCI Express and PCMCIA

    Current Product Version: 10 2011

    This is an upgrade of our SDKBUS product and is only available for customers who have already purchased previous versions of the sdkbus. The upgrade consists of the current version of the sdkbus and the current installation software.

    Note: In order for us to provide you with the upgrade we will need your company name, the invoice number and the date of your order of sdkbus product. We will not ship an upgrade of the sdkbus without this information.

    You can download the SDKBUS Upgrade after ordering.




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