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ssi2-cb-host - SSI2 HostCB card

ssi2-cb-host - SSI2 HostCB card

[Click on images to enlarge]  SSI2 HostCB

If you need to use ISA, PCI, or PCMCIA cards, outside of your notebook computer, which has íCard Busí slot, use our SSI2_HostCB card.

Dimensions: 6 X 1.80 X 0.5 in., 15.0 X 4.5 X 1.5 cm.

ROHS compliant - Yes, recommended for customers in the European Union, and all other customers.

ARS Technologiesí SSI2_HostCB plugs in a PCMCIA slot of a notebook computer, and connects to one of our Peripheral Solution cards. It allows handling of any standard or custom ISA, PCI, or PCMCIA card outside of a desktop computer. Our SSI2_HostCB provides full access to memory and I/O space of the ISA, PCI, or PCMCIA cards, and handling of IRQ and DMA events.

Installation Software

The SSI2_HostCB product includes installation software. The SSI2_HostCB functions on these Operating Systems:

  • Windows - 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7
  • Linux - 2.4.xx and 2.6.xx kernels

Pre-order Considerations

1. Peripheral selection. Use of the SSI2_HostCB product requires a Peripheral card - SSI2_ISA for use of ISA cards, or SSI2_PCI for use of PCI cards, or SSI2_PCMCIA for use of PCMCIA cards. Please view the SSI2_HostCB connection map and select the suitable one.

2. Cables. The SSI2_ISA product and the selected Host card connect with a cable. You can use one of the choices of cables we offer Ė 3 feet or 15 feet.

3. Software. The installation software should provide all the software you would need to get our SSI2_HostCB card to work with the Peripheral card. We offer our SDKBUS product for developers. If you have access to the ISA software source code, you may be interested in our SDKBUS.

Price - in US Dollars: $99US each

ARS Technologies offers quantity discounts as follows:
5-19 units, $89 each
20-100 units, $79 each
100+ units, please ask for a quote


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Item Options


External power supply +5v / 2A, required for - SSI2 and XPRS cards

PWR-5V United States (#PWR-5V) - Add $19.00

PWR-5V-EU Europe (#pwr-5v-eu) - Add $24.00

PWR-5V-UK United Kingdom (#pwr-5v-uk) - Add $25.00

PWR-5V-AU Australia (#pwr-5v-au) - Add $25.00



3 feet/1 meter, or 15 feet/5 meters USB Cable

3 feet USB cable (#USB-C1) ROHS - Add $6.00

15 feet USB cable (#USB-C2) ROHS - Add $12.00


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