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Small desktop I/O expanding to use PCI and PCI Express -x16 cards

1. Introduction

This article describes the way of connecting and use one or more PCI or PCI Express -x16 cards on a desktop system - using products from our 'XPRS' line.

small desktop + PCI Express -x1 card small desktop + mounted PCI Express -x1 card

The specific small desktop system has only one PCI Express -x1 slot - allows very limited I/O expansion. Using our XPRS line of products the small desktop system can connect to and use many more types of peripheral cards.

2. Connecting a variety of peripheral cards

There are 2 sides of the connection:
- peripheral side - where the PCI card(s) are mounted
- host side - mounted to the desktop system

On the peripheral side the products featured are:
- XPRS-PCI-X1 - allows mounting of a single PCI card
- XPRS-PCI-X3 - allows mounting of up to 3 PCI cards
- XPRS-PX-X16 - allows mounting of a single PCI Express -x16 card

The host side uses XPRS-HOST-DT , mounted on the PCI Express -x1 or -x16 slot of the desktop system motherboard.
desktop + xprs-host-dt kit

The image below shows a small desktop motherboard with mounted xprs-host-dt, connected through cables to xprs-pci-x1, and one PCI card.
desktop + xprs-host-dt + xprs-pci-x1 + PCI card

The image below shows a small desktop motherboard with mounted xprs-host-dt, connected through cables to xprs-pci-x3, and 3 PCI cards.

The image below shows a small desktop motherboard with mounted xprs-host-dt, connected through cables to xprs-px-x16, and one PCI Express -x16 card.

The XPRS-HOST-DT kit includes 2 cables with length of 1.6ft / 0.5m. We offer 3ft / 1m cables set - to extend the length.
1.5ft / 0.5m cables and 3ft / 1m cables [Click to enlarge]

Please note that the cables carry 3.3V which can power the mounted on the other side of the cable peripheral card.
Using longer cable may reduce the total current available for the mounted peripheral card.

garrow.gif Order XPRS-PCI-X1 or XPRS-PCI-X3 or XPRS-PX-X16

3. Choosing a power supply and an enclosure for XPRS-PCI-X1 / XPRS-PCI-X3 / XPRS-PX-X16

There are the four voltages provided for use on the PCI bus: +3.3V , +5V , +12V , -12V. The maximum currents defined in the speck are: +3.3V/7.6A , +5V/5A , +12V/500mA , -12V/100mA. Full details on the PCI bus are available on - Wikipedia, and TechFest.

To find the voltages used and the type of a Power Supply, please check - PCI card - finding the voltages used .

As a minimum all of the PCI cards require either 3.3V, or 5V, or both voltages to be supplied for the PCI card(s).

The image below shows 5V power supplied to XPRS-PCI-X3 for the PCI card(s) - by our PWR-5V product.
connecting pwr-5v to xprs-pci-x3 [Click to enlarge]

PCI cards may optionally use also +12V and -12V for powering.

If a PCI peripheral card needs +12V and -12V with current consumption of up to 50mA, you can add the ISA-PWR power module.
add power module to xprs-pci-x3 [Click to enlarge]

If a PCI peripheral card needs +12V and -12V with high current consumption, you can add the ISA-PWR-XR external power supply.
add ext. power to xprs-pci-x3 [Click to enlarge]

The power jumpers positions may need to be moved - please check the User's Guide, the chapter on XPRS-PCI-X1 or XPRS-PCI-X3, for details.

The PCI Express bus uses 2 voltages +3.3V and +12V. Our PWR-12V can provide these voltages with sufficient current for most PCI Express cards. In the case the card uses extremely high currents, an ATX power supply can be connected as well.
add ext. power to xprs-px-x16 [Click to enlarge]

The XPRS-PCI-X1 / XPRS-PCI-X3 / XPRS-PX-X16 together with the PCI or PCI Express card(s) may be mounted in an enclosure.

The image below shows putting one PCI card in XPRS-PCI-X1 in our ISA-PCI-B1 enclosure. The same enclosure can be used for a PCI Express card put in XPRS-PX-X16
putting xprs-pci-x1 in - isa-pci-b1 [Click to enlarge]

Longer and larger PCI or PCI Express card may be put in our ISA-PCI-B2 enclosure.

The image below shows putting multiple PCI cards with XPRS-PCI-X3 in our ISA-X3-B2 - double length enclosure.
putting xprs-pci-x3 in - isa-x3-b2 [Click to enlarge]

Shorter PCI cards may be put in our ISA-X3-B1 enclosure.

5. Ordering

If having a single PCI card, click on - XPRS-PCI-X1 .
If having multiple PCI cards, click on - XPRS-PCI-X3 .
If having a single PCI Express card, click on - XPRS-PX-X1 .

The above listed product pages include the host card and accessories - power supplies, enclosures.

In general you can place an order online on our web site, pay by credit card, and the order will be shipped to you.

We offer also ways of payment by - Paypal, bank transfer in US dollars, and bank transfer in Euros.

You can get estimated pricing on our web site when you select a product and go to checkout . Based on your address , shipping service, and total weight you can get an estimation of the shipping fee - before submitting a payment information.

Normally we ship by UPS or US post.

6. Additional ways of use

Our products are highly modular and allow use in a wide variety of ways.

When having one or more PCI or PCI Express cards, you can get xprs-host-ec and connect to notebook system with an ExpressCard slot.

Or, when having a small desktop, you can also get and use:
- xprs-px-x1 with a PCI Express -X1 card
- xprs-cpcie with a Compact PCI Express or PXI Express card
- xprs-ec with an ExpressCard card type 34 or type 54

garrow.gif Order XPRS-PCI-X1 or XPRS-PCI-X3 or XPRS-PX-X16
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