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ARSRegRw - CPU registers and hardware read/write Android app

ARSRegRw - CPU registers and hardware read/write Android app


'ArsRegRw' is a software package consisting of :
- 'ArsRegRw' Android app
- software engine installed from the host side to the Android device

An Android device - a phone, a tablet, or any other type consists of a microprocessor (CPU), number of chips connected to it, and additional components - like a display, connectors, buttons, etc...

'ArsRegRw' allows read/write of the CPU registers and the chips on device hardware app - almost all of the total 4gbytes space.

The here presented utility is extremely powerful.
You, as a user have to know exactly what are you doing while using it.
By downloading and using the 'ArsRegRw' software package you release us from any responsibility.


1. Allowed Root access '#' on the Android device; if the device does not have root access steps must be take to root it; if unable to root the device you will not be able to use 'ArsRegRw'.
2. User's Manual / Technical reference manual (UM/TRM) .pdf file for the CPU on which the the specific Android device is based.
The document should include a memory map and addresses of the built in preipherals - gpio, timers, i2c, spi, sdio/mmc, usb ...


We did test 'ArsRegRw' app on 2 boards:
- pandaboard - based on TI OMAP4 processor
- origen - based on Samsung Exynos 4 processor

We provide 3 exercises, with specific pointers.

Exercise1 *** chip id ***
Each CPU vendor places information on the CPU id/number/revision on a specific memory location.

Exercise2 *** gpio ***
Every ARM SOC CPU has a large number of gpio pins, which can be configured by software to connect to a function - i2c, timer, spi, mmc/sdio ... or serve as a general input / output pin.

Exercise3 *** cpu clock ***
There are popular apps used to overclock the CPU. The increase/decrease of the CPU clock is achieved by different means for the different CPUs.

Details on the use of 'ArsRegRw' Android app


We would love to know about the environment and the results of your testing. Please submit to us details like:
- Android device - maker, model, Android api release, processor
- sequence to gain root access - web pointers, files used
- location of the CPU UM/TRM - web link, or the actual file, any conditions to obtain the info.

The goal of this is to create a repository with information, for the benefit of all developers.

While in the future it may be possible to have all Android devices allowing root access, and the processor info provided freely by the CPU makers, the today's reality demands collecting bit by bit all of the needed information - in order to be able to start developing.

You can contact us by email to - info @ arstech . com .


'ArsRegRw' software package is a free download -

ArsRegRw release .zip .

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