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ld-bbk - Linux driver - binary builder kit (BBK)

ld-bbk - Linux driver - binary builder kit (BBK)


'Linux driver binary builder kit (BBK)' is a software package containing - utilities, samples, and Linux kernel releases.

LD-BBK allows:
  • a driver binary, once built on one environment to load and work on many other Linux environments
  • to keep the source code of the driver proprietary, and outside of the Linux kernel
  • quickly and easily for the driver developer to add features, verify the work and provide driver updates
  • the customer to have the freedom to do updates of the hardware or the system software - kernel / distribution, any time they wish

    There are 2 phases of in the use of the LD-BBK kit:
  • development phase
  • deployment phase

    Development - use LD-BBK utilities on these operating systems:
  • Windows - 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8.1
  • Linux - 32bit and 64bit, 2.6.xx and 3.x.xx kernels
  • Mac OS X - 10.5, and later

    Deployment - use LD-BBK utilities on these kernel types:
  • plain Linux
  • Android Linux

    Deployment - use LD-BBK utilities on these processor architectures:
  • x86 - 32bit, and 64bit
  • ARM (currently 32bit)

    LD-BBK provides benefits to all of:
  • developers of Linux drivers
  • team managers of projects which include Linux software
  • COO/CEO/CFO executives of companies with products which have support under Linux

    Details on LD-BBK including: introduction, the way of work and use, benefits

    Updates of the LD-BBK are announced via the ARS Technologies 'News' or Twitter pages.

    ARS Technologies offers quantity discounts as follows:
    10 users, $49US each
    11-49 users, $39US each
    50-249 users, $29US each
    (add recurring charge: $1.00 per user, per month)
    250+ units, please ask for a quote

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