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v-com-pu-all - Voice communication processin unit - all platforms

v-com-pu-all - Voice communication processin unit - all platforms

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The program is a command line/terminal utility which currently runs on 5 platforms - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (x86 32/64b), Linux (ARM Raspberry Pi), and Android.

A desktop only version - v-com-pu-dt is also available, which runs on 3 platforms - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (x86 32/64b).

'v-com-pu' supports multiple languages, and multiple alphabets.

Allows building of a database of spoken words, which may be played in any order and combinations.

The program allows interfacing with programs built by most programing languages, using 2 files - 'c' command, and 'r' response.

'v-com-pu' has a simple script language with - labels, functions, comments... , which allow building interactive menus.

Variety of sound devices are supported - built in sound devices, devices plugged on the 3.5mm jacks, USB sound devices, Bluetooth sound devices.




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