SDK for USB2 products
  • SDK for USB2 products

sdkbus2 - SDK for USB2 products


Software Development Kit for USB2 products

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Do you have the source code for your ISA or PCMCIA card, or want to develop your own software using our USB2 family of products? Well the sdkbus2 is for you. .

This sdkbus2 is the Software developers kit for ISA/ PCMCIA peripherals used together with our USB2 line of products.

Operating systems:
  • Windows - 7 and later 64bit release
  • Linux - 18.04 and later 64bit releases
  • Mac OS X 10.7, and later

    Interface: The SDKBUS supports our USB2.0 based products (USB2ISA / USB2PCMCIA)
    Languages: C/C++
    Level: application (user) level
    Buses: ISA, PCMCIA, PC/104
    Product Release: 2024.05

    This ARS Technologies SDK allows for conversion of applications or some drivers of peripheral card(s) connected on our USB2 family of products.

    The SKDBUS contains a document with the set of API functions for full access to the memory and I/O space, and handling of IRQ and DMA events of peripheral card.

    The sdkbus also comes with a Porting Guide to assist with development. We’ve created the following working samples for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X with source code and binaries:
  • Detecting if present, and issuing a RESET and setting the read/write access time of an ISA or PCMCIA card mounted on an USB2ISA or USB2PCMCIA card.
  • Reading of video BIOS on an ISA VGA card, mounted on our USB2ISA family of products - demonstrating 8-bit reading of memory space.
  • Reading/writing sectors of a hard disk, on an ISA I/O (2 serial, parallel, floppy, IDE) card, mounted on our USB2ISA family of products, which demonstrates 8/16 bit read/write of I/O space.
    Additional samples for servicing IRQ channels, and DMA channels.
  • Sectors reading/writing on a compact flash card, mounted on a PCMCIA to compact flash adapter in turn mounted on a USB2PCMCIA card, which demonstrates 8/16bit read/write of I/O or memory space.

    You can download the SDKBUS after ordering.