USB 2.0 to ISA card slot version
  • USB 2.0 to ISA card slot version

usb2isa-sl - USB 2.0 to ISA card slot version


Interface product allows plugging and handling through USB of a number of ISA cards mounted on a passive ISA backplane board.

We recommend getting a set of products:which includes:

  •  usb2isa-sl
  •  usb-c1 - cable
  • isa-x7 - 7 connectors passive ISA backplane
  •  img-w98-wme - OS images (optional)

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Interface product allows plugging and handling through USB of a number of ISA cards mounted on a passive ISA backplane board.

If you need to use your ISA cards, and your  computer  lacks ISA slots, use our usb2isa-sl card together with a passive ISA backplane to convert your USB port to multiple virtual ISA slots.

Dimensions: 5.8 X 2.25 X 0.5 in., 14.5 X 5.25 X 1.8 cm.

ARS Technologies’ USB2ISA® allows plugging and handling of any standard or custom ISA card. Our usb2isa provides simple migration from ISA form factor to USB, full access to memory and I/O space of the ISA card, and handling of IRQ and DMA events.

The usb2isa-sl functions on these Operating Systems:

  • Windows -  7 and later, 64bit releases
  • Linux - 18.04 and later distros, x86 /64bit) and ARM (64 bit)
Installation Software

The usb2isa software includes UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE LAYER feature.

We currently offer support for ISA binaries  which were working on one or more older operating systems. We have support for isa  software under dos, windows 98, windows me  and possibly windows 2000/xp. We offer images of windows 98 se and windows me, which are booted as a guest os under modern 64bit host os.

For software developers we have api set and samples to build isa software.

Pre-order Considerations

1. Enclosures. The usb2isa-sl product needs a passive ISA backplane. Our product - isa-x7 (recommended) is mounted in an empty standard desktop computer enclosure, which may or may not include an ATX type power supply. ARS Technologies currently provides no such enclosure - it needs to be purchased separately.

2. Powering needs. The ISA cards mounted in usb2isa-sl may be powered in 2 ways - by the USB cable with an optional isa-pwr module, or by an ATX power supply through the passive ISA backplane. To find on the voltages used by your ISA cards, please read ISA cards - finding the voltages used article for the ways of powering and using ISA cards with usb2isa family products.

3. Cables. The USB2ISA-sl product and the computer system connect with a cable. You can use one of the choices of cables we offer – 3 feet(recommended) or 15 feet.

4. Software. The installation software should provide all the software you would need to get our USB2ISA-sl card to work with your ISA cards. Images of older operating systems are available , we recommend to add img-w98-wme   - OS images, Windows ME and Windows 98 SE. We offer our SDKBUS product for developers. If you have access to the ISA software source code, you may be interested in our SDKBUS.

Price - in US Dollars: $139US each       (accessories available to add)

ARS Technologies offers quantity discounts as follows:

  • 5-19 units, - 3% discount from unit price
  • 20-100 units, - 6% discount from unit price
  • 100+ units, please ask for a quote

Data sheet

Number of connectors
0 (needs ISA backplane)
5.8 X 2.25 X 0.5 in., 14.5 X 5.25 X 1.8 cm.
ROHS compliant
Yes, recommended for customers in the European Union
Peripheral bus