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xprs-pci-x3 - XPRS PCI 3 connectors card
  • xprs-pci-x3 - XPRS PCI 3 connectors card

xprs-pci-x3 - XPRS PCI 3 connectors card


The xprs-pci-x3 allows use of up to 3 PCI type peripheral cards outside of a computer system.

We recommend getting a set of products:which includes:

  • xprs-pci-x3
  • xprs-host-ec - host card for ExpressCard notebook
  •  isa-x3-b2  - plastic box
  •  isa-pwr-xr - external power supply

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The XPRS-PCI-X3 connects with our XRPS-HOST-EC card and allows using of PCI type cards outside of a computer system.

Installing and use of XPRS-PCI-X3 - click for details and images.

Article - Use PCI card(s) on a notebook

If you have a PCI type peripheral card, you can use it outside of the computer system, on ExpressCard notebook, with our xprs-host-ec product

Software support
The XPRS line of products function on all operating systems which have support for PCI Express and ExpressCard based (notebook) systems.
Pre-order Considerations

1. Add a host card. The xprs-pci-x1 is supported by xprs-host-ec on a notebook system with an ExpressCard slot

2. Powering . The PCI interface requires either 3.3V, or 5V, or both voltages to be supplied for the PCI card.
PCI cards may optionally use also +12V and -12V for powering.

To find whether you need a Power Supply, please read - PCI card - finding the voltages used.

There are the following scenarios for powering:

2.1 *** If all of the peripheral cards only use 3.3V / 5V you can use one of our PWR-5V products to have 3.3V / 5V power supplied to XPRS-PCI-X1 for the PCI card.

If one or more PCI peripheral cards needs +12V and -12V with total current consumption of up to 50mA, you can add the ISA-PWR power supply module .

2.2 *** Or, if a PCI peripheral card needs +12V and -12V with high current consumption, or if unsure on the power requirements of a particular PCI card, you can use the ISA-PWR-XR (recommended) external power supply. A power supply with higher currents is also available - ISA-PWR-X2 .

3. Enclosures. The XPRS-PCI-X3 together with the PCI type cards may be mounted in an enclosure.
Small PCI type cards may be put in ISA-X3-B1 enclosure.
Longer and larger PCI type card may be put in our ISA-X3-B2 (recommended) enclosure.

Data sheet

PCI Express
Number of connectors
ROHS compliant
Yes, recommended for customers in the European Union
Peripheral bus